Friday, September 3, 2010

Tastes Like Romance.

Romance. One of the most powerful influences in the universe. Romance can make you feel amazing, like a cool breezy drive down the 405; yet in the same breath it can make you sick even to the point where food doesn't taste the same. Romance can make you feel rich and whole, but on the other hand people become broke (literally and figuratively) chasing the wrong ideal or person. Romance can put you in this viscously amorous haze that clouds your judgement, yet it just feels so right. Your friends are useless to these great powers of romance. The force of a thousand freight trains speeding towards you cannot be stopped. Everyone is susceptible to romance, so theres no use in fighting it. But this is not going to be a post lamenting on the downsides of romance and falling in love. We're gonna stay positive today. 

In my opinion, romance is one of the most important concepts that humans have the ability to grasp. Once in awhile, there are couples that genuinely exude happiness. Couples that bring out the best in each other. Couples that trust each other, embrace their flaws, and understanding each others shortcomings. 

Yesterday, I had the privilege to photograph two very dear friends of mine, a beautiful couple, one of my favorite couples actually. I had this concept in my head for the longest time, I really wanted to find a street completely lined with palm trees and take pictures in the middle of the street. But what street in LA would i choose? There are so many. I decided on 6th ave in Leimert Park. (It's directly adjacent to the Crenshaw neighborhood of LA.) 

 Exactly as I pictured it. 
It just so happens that one of my friends is a native of the area, she was down to take a trip and take some pictures with my roommate, coincidentally, her boyfriend. Perfect. 

 Just starting their walk, on the journey of life. 
 Believe it or not, I had dreams about taking this photo, for over a month leading up to the day of the shoot. It came out pretty nice. 
 Quite possibly the best picture of the day. I don't think I've ever captured a more genuine emotion than the one they're expressing right now. They were great models. BIG UPS!!!

 Another genuine emotion. Seriously, most people have never seen him cheese that much. Just more evidence of a great day in the hood. 
 A candid embrace. 
 At the end of the shoot, I just needed to take a seat. A nice end to another beautiful afternoon in Sunny LA!

Before I close out, I want to leave everyone with a little something something I've come to realize. 

Take a break from going crazy, from your frantic work life, and all of your drama. Sit down and think about the happiest moments of your life. Some people will find that their happiest moments are shared with people they love, care about, or feel deeply for. Think about that for a second. Then ask yourself what you really want out of life and figure out the ways to achieve and attain it. Let's face it, we can never be happy 24/7, but what if we could be happy for at least 5-10 minutes out of every day? Do you have that one person that makes you feel whole on the inside? If not, maybe they're already searching for YOU. Sometimes we go looking for love and romance in all the wrong places, but what if we just worked on being ourselves, or figuring out what makes us... US! Then we wouldn't have to exert so much energy on people that weren't even worth the trouble anyways. Instead, the people, most compatible to you, will stand out the most. 

Enjoy life and all of its awesome minute details and nanoseconds of brilliance. That's all I'm saying. 


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