Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Thirst for Blood: A Dietary Staple for Humans.

Evolutionarily speaking, humans have come a long way, but as with everything that evolves, there are links to the past. Even though we have created elaborate societies with social ethics and rules, within everyone lies a primitive, carnal side. Blood-thirst. Does it make you a bad person, for feeling a little thirsty sometimes? No, you're just human. Can it make you do bad things? Of course. Now when I say blood, keep in mind, not all fights result in bloodshed. I'm merely grouping together all violent acts, bloody or not, verbal fights, even food fights. 

Yesterday was no different. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I commute to work. Specifically in the Little Tokyo/Arts District of LA. I take public transportation the entire way back and forth. In those two days, I'm in transit for 8hrs. This leaves me quite a bit of time to be exposed to all types of people from all walks of life. 

I was on the way home; taking the red line. At the Vermont/Sunset stop, this black dude gets on the train. I'm sitting close to the door and I noticed he was shouting at another man on the platform. "Whatchu lookin at? Whatchu lookin at?". The latino man he was shouting at came on to the train and with a heavy accent he retorted "You need to get out of my way!" then followed with a push. In shock, the black guy responded with "Oh, so you wanna start something, huh?". All of a sudden, everyone who was at my end of the car, tried to move out of the way as these two started fighting. I've always flirted with the idea of.. maybe, just maybe, breaking up a fight amongst two strangers; this was crazy. It was a real fight. Complete with headlocks, punches, kicks, and other grappling. It was so serious, they were literally fighting on top of passengers. Almost parallel to the floor! It was quite a scene that lasted a full minute, just until they reached the next stop. During this minute that lasted for all but 10 seconds in my head, I was regretting my decision to restore my iPhone. I lost an app to record video. It was the only thing going on in my mind. I didn't care who they were, why they were fighting, and who would stop them. I was most upset that I couldn't immortalize the moment. 

Always Remember: Rule #1 for taking public transportation.
DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH FIGHTS.. because some people just don't have shit to lose.

I'm not entirely sure what attracts us to violence and witnessing violent acts. Sure it's traumatizing to most, but deep down inside I really didn't want it to end. I was incredibly entertained. In that split second, I realized that we live in a culture that supports these cravings for blood. I'm not calling for people to stop making violent video games and movies, hosting boxing and MMA events. I just want Joe Schmo and Jane Doe to admit it. You like to see people fight, especially when you're not the one involved! If I can admit it, then you can too. 

So we reached the next stop, Hollywood/Western. The latino dude gets off the train and the black guy proceeds to taunt him. "Yeah thats what I thought, you cake ass, bitch ass nigga!" (I sugarcoat nothing, sorry if it offends you. This is real life.) What happens next is unclear to me, but from what I can assume is the latino dude did something to get the black dude off the train. "OH HELL NO!" Can you believe it? They started fighting on the platform, street fighter style. -_- NOWWWW do you understand why I wish I had that app to record? 

After the fever pitch died down, I made eye-contact with a young woman whom I shared a laugh with. "I was having a boring day at work, but this made my entire day worthwhile!" And it's just as simple as that. Blood-thirst; a guilty pleasure. 

I snapped back to reality. Isn't it fascinating what makes people happy. In one corner, are two men, who obviously are frustrated over something, petty or not petty, neither of these guys woke up this morning knowing they'd be in a fight. In the other corner are the bystanders, in awe of the whole moment. Whether we wear our true expressions on our face or not, I'm willing to bet that everyone who was close enough to see the fight was enjoying it at least slightly.

Currently I'm trying to figure out how this next portion of the story is relevant. Two stops later, a man dressed as Jesus gets on the train. Yes, it was his intention to look exactly like him, the beard, long hair, long robe, everything. Perhaps, it was an omen, especially to the religious people out there. I'm not apart of any organized religion but I think the allegory/metaphor/symbolism of his appearance is there. Maybe our carnal, primal, primitive thirst for blood was necessary back in prehistoric times, but is now a built-in character flaw? Nothing is certain. Maybe we need to change our ways. But how do you change something that is apart of our psychology; our subconscious? A paradox. 

Sit down and think about the last time you were thirsty. Was it that time you watched the after school fight? What about the time you were apart of a food fight? Ever come home from a long day at work and just want to play Grand Theft Auto? If any of these are true, not to mention the countless other situations... Then you're probably a....


Don't admit it just because I said so. Just be real with yourself. 


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  1. Remember our talk about people watching? This post = Perfect Example.