Friday, August 27, 2010

The Dorm Life.

CSUN is an interesting school.. known as a commuter university, but owns some of the best dorm facilities in the country. (In terms of space) Unfortunately, there are many students out there that get stuck with "postage stamp" sized dorms with a couple of bunk beds and minimal closet space. Cages. Literally cages. At CSUN the dorms are incredibly spacious. Comprable to 2 bedroom apartments. 

My side of the room. 

The dorms, however, are not for everyone. Many people end up getting their own apartments, which is cool. That is definitely the direction to head towards. If you're not looking for trouble and are open to meet new people, then your stay at the dorms will be just fine. 

Over the past 2 years, there are volumes upon volumes of stories to share. From a Prozac-popping roommate to cops busting up parties, it has been quite a fun ride. Along this ride I learned a lot of valuable information, that could prove useful to anyone going through the dorm experience. 

Some things to remember when living in the dorms at CSUN (or abroad) 

1. If you clog the toilet twice within the first week, then you probably aren't ready to live away from home. 

2.  Making friends seems like a daunting task at first, but the majority of people living in the dorm community are in the exact same boat as you. Make the first step. 

3. Be careful who you share your space with, if you don't feel comfortable leaving your valuables out, buy a safe. It may save you a bundle of drama in the long run. 

4. Living off campus does have it's benefits, but you lose the "community" feel of the dorm complex. It's up to a person's specific preference. Everyone is different. 

5. If you have problems with your roommate, speak up. Do not let it slide. It could prove to be quite "fatal" for the relationship between you and your roommates. 

6 (probably more for the ladies). Have fun but stay aware at parties. Not everyone is looking out for YOU! If you know you can't handle the alcohol, don't try and keep up. Get your own drinks and stick with a group of friends you know and trust. The last thing you want is to be alone, drunk, and stranded in some place with a bunch of strangers. 

7. I'll admit, I fell victim to this one. Freedom is intoxicating. It will also ruin your GPA. It took awhile but I'm finally back on track after two rough years. Find a healthy medium and try to enjoy your college experience whilst also staying on task. Remember these are the best years of your life. 

There are many other important details, but they require full fledged stories to explain them. 

CSUN, CSUN, CSUN... it seemed like just yesterday when I moved in for the first time. A bright-eyed freshman, with a level of naïveté, yet ready to take on the world no questions asked. Now as a Junior, I look at all these new kids following in the footsteps making all the mistakes I made, some even worse. 

I can't help but laugh and say "That used to be me."  


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