Friday, August 20, 2010

Life is Good...On the Westside.

"I've always wanted to go to California!! Oh, man what's it like?" These are usually the comments I get from my friends in NY. 

My response: "First of all, I think everyone should see California at least once before they die." To answer the second question its really hard to make it not sound like a fantasy land. 

Which brings up an interesting phenomenon for New Yorkers and Californians. Before I had ever lived in California, I harbored a specific idea of what California was like. Valley Girls, Surfers, Beaches, Endless Rows of Palm Trees, Free-Spirited People, and Perpetual Sunshine. A fantasy land. But on the coldest days in January during senior year, the warm thoughts of California kept my feet moving down the icy hill called Elm Street. And let me tell you, that walk home from school was not easy, especially in the winter time. It was these dreams that kept me alive on the inside. California Dreamin'.

Now that I live in California, I can no longer say it is a fantasy land, IT IS REAL. I never thought I would wake up every morning happy, but It became my reality. Come visit this state. Seriously.

For Californians who have never been to NY, it's the same thing. To them NY is : Subways, Great Pizza, Crowded Streets, Mean People, Tall Buildings, Times Square, and Cold Winters. 

Having lived in New York for 18yrs, It's all of this and more. But one must visit both places to actually find out the truths, lies, and misconceptions. 

Now every time I come back to California, it's like I'm experiencing it for the for the first time. Yesterday was one of those days. Chillin in Santa Monica and Westwood with the homies is just what the doctor ordered. 


The Pacific. See what I mean?
 Twilight (no. not the vampires.) in Westwood
 Diddy Riese. A staple in Westwood. Freshly baked cookies and Dreyers (or for the East Coasters, Edy's) Ice Cream. This right here is two Oatmeal Raisin and Walnut Cookies with scoop of strawberry ice cream wedged in between. For a buck fifty, the price is right!  
 Brotha from anotha motha, Justin, sporting his Nikon. A good day for photography. 
 The Fox Theater in Westwood with a typical California sunset backdrop. Established in 1931; another staple in the neighborhood.

 The drive back on the 5 freeway to cap off the day. 

There's a place for everyone in this world. Never settle for mediocrity. Make the moves to change your life, anyone can do it. It is not easy, but then again life is hard. However at the same time, life.. is... good.


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