Friday, December 24, 2010

What Does Christmas Mean to Metafizics?

The readers that know me personally know that I don't practice any religion or hold any higher spirtual beliefs. So for a long time, I've been trying to figure out a reason as to why I feel so strongly against religion, yet celebrate a religious holiday with fam and friends. The answer is simple. 

Christmas is no longer the holiday that it used to be. To me it has taken on a whole new meaning. Yeah, there is a big consumerist element these days but thats all very petty and materialistic. Don't get me wrong, we all like to receive and many of us like to give (notice the difference). That's all well and good but what's more valuable is the time that we spend with loved ones. Family and Friends. 

I come home and my fun is spending time with the most important people in my life. It took me awhile to find the significance behind the holiday, but I'm glad its not a materialistic one.

I like to observe the shoppers during this time of year. All in a frenzy, caught up with Tickle Me Elmos, PS3s, Godiva chocolates, and iPhones. It seems like we subconsciously put more emphasis on the presents than the actual people themselves. As if the recipients will love us more for what we get them. In some sad cases, thats all it takes for some. I'm not saying throw out all your gifts and go empty handed, but just remember that you shouldnt have to feel obligated to purchase something just to maintain a person's happiness, feelings for you, etc. 

This holiday and a few others have created this obligation to buy, buy, and buy. Overtime it just ends up overshadowing the real and true meaning. 

Going through economic struggles as a child helped me gain insight into what really matters. As a little kid the gifts are really all you can think about. You can try and teach the youth the real meaning but it means nothing until later. When my material gifts started getting smaller and smaller, it finally dawned on me that my gift was there the whole time. 

My family, my friends, and my health. 

Merry Christmas y'all!


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