Friday, December 24, 2010


You rub your eyes and sit up in bed, look around to verify where you are in the world. Maybe look at your hands or check to see if your body is intact. You just woke up from a dream. The feeling is real, but it really is not. A single dream can change your life, the way you view the world, or perhaps something as minute as a simple step in your daily routine. Now this post isn't about the science of dreaming or any type of method explaining why we have them. Its merely an acknowledgement of a phenomenon many of us experience on a regular basis.  

We dream about things we want, things we DONT know that we want, things we dont want, and things we DONT know that we DONT want. But sometimes we dream about total nonsense. What if it isnt? How do we know when to have a good or bad feeling about a dream? To heed a warning? To proceed with an idea?

Maybe I'm just trying to provoke some thoughts in your head before you go to sleep, but now that you've started to read, you can't help but think of what's going on in your head when your subconscious takes over. 

Some ideas are best left in the dream world. But for just a second think about world leaders, business executives, and the world's most influential people. How many of their important decisions, transactions, moves, etc. are influenced by a dream or series of dreams? We'll never know the answer to that. Before a big decision is made, don't many people just...

"Sleep on it."  


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