Sunday, October 17, 2010

Like a Ton of Bricks.

I'm waiting to be hit by something that resembles a ton of bricks. Not literally. An idea that has the weight of 2,000 pounds of masonry. Currently, I'm in a transitional state. I really want to move forward with the shirt production but I think re-branding myself is more important at the moment. 

Having your own name is an investment in security and peace of mind. I do not want to share someones steez, swag, (whatever you want to call it.) If its going to be my work, I want it to be mine.. all mine. So thats why I've been waiting. To be inspired. To be hit by this ton of bricks. I have a few ideas. I'm not planning to share just yet. I'm still experimenting. Be patient y'all. 

I've also been really busy and kinda blank in terms of what to write about. So forgive me for the lack of blog posts. This is a little thing to let you know I'm still breathing. :) 


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