Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soap+Water+Toothbrush+Cloth= A Love That Won't Die.

"...I don't know about you, but I clean mine 10 times a day" 
-Dom Kennedy "Tennis Shoes" 

Most things eventually fade away. But when you truly love something, a piece of it will remain in your heart forever. If the opening photo was no indication, my first love was a pair of sneakers. 

Laces... Rubber... and Sole. 

There is beauty in simplicity. But do you have any idea what goes into conceptualizing/creating a pair of sneakers? Very complex. (Stay Tuned.. REMEMBER THIS LINE.. I WILL REFER TO IT LATER.) 

Collecting sneakers may seem like a hobby to some, but to many people its a part of something greater. The people who do it for the right reasons, add meaning and sentimental value to their collection. The shoes on my feet aren't just shoes to me. There is a story behind the acquisition. Some stories are longer than others, but there is meaning behind each pair.  

I started once I got my first job. Nobody could tell me what I could and could not buy. Finally my own money. After my first few years of collecting, I accumulated a nice stack of sneakers. Having some new sneakers every few months became a must and I started to run out of closet space. 

As a ritual, young collectors clean and take care of their sneakers, religiously. I would come home from school every Friday and spend hours opening up all the boxes and getting the cloth, cleaning solutions and tooth brush. I experimented with different combinations of cleaning liquids. Windex with hand soap. Dish Detergent with some of the Cleaning Foam from Foot Locker.. etc. etc. I could've wrote a book on it. 

To take care of Patent Leather: Spray Windex or any other window cleaning solution; wipe clean. Enjoy the sparkle. It would be my version of the Bible. 
But like I mentioned before, things fade away. Many sneakerheads, stop cleaning or maintaining. They buy 1 pair to rock and 1 pair to stock. In my humble opinion, sneakers are meant to be worn! I don't have enough money to buy two pairs of the same sneaker. I'll make sure that I put in the effort to take care of the sneaker so it keeps looking fresh, even 3 years later. 

I still take care of my sneakers. It's a love that won't die. 

You should always protect your investment. You don't need all those fancy Footaction and Footlocker fluids. Get soap, warm water, a toothbrush, some cloths, and time. 

Your kicks will thank you later. 


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