Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Very Humbling 9 Minutes. *MUST WATCH* WARNING: Strong Language

I hope that you guys can spare 9 minutes of your time to watch the following video. An incredibly heartfelt look into the life of a Homeless Emcee. Even through the struggles, poor decisions, and tough breaks, this man still remains realistic, yet positive. 

Living as a homeless man in NY, is a nothing short of a daunting task. From the cold winters to the impolite metropolitans, its hard to get by when it seems like everything and everyone is against you. 

He mentions that about 70% of the people that pass him by ignore him like he doesn't exist. Another 15% are rude and the last few are actually pleasant and would stop and chat. 

Growing up, I learned to stay away from the panhandlers on the street because all they ask is for money and they use it for drugs or alcohol. Not always the case, but it does happen quite a bit. The emcee quickly says "another 15 % ... they be disrespectful, don't know they could get they shit twisted, real fast." This raw statement is a scary reality that most people don't realize. Always be respectful, even if it takes extra effort. ( I know its hard, I need to do it too.) Do you want your shit twisted?? 

"It's a fuckin' miracle I ain't break no one's jaw yet. You don't know how many times I had to walk off... and let tears shed, cuz I really wanted to hurt someone real bad and had to stop myself. Thats where hip hop comes in." Hip hop is the salvation, the escape, the sanctuary for this man. 

The 3-4 freestyles he spits during the 9 minutes are windows into the world in which he lives, unlike a lot of freestyles, these had a rare anecdotal quality. He shifts between characters and voices during the 10-15 sec spitfire sessions. A story is told. 

Even though I don't agree with the way he lived his life, i find it remarkable that he remains positive. For some people its hard to even get up out of bed in the morning. (Mind you, he has no bed.)  If i ever run into him when I'm in Brooklyn, I'd stop and at least give him a moment of my time if I got a moment of his. Because of this, my outlook on life is slightly different, but even the most miniscule impacts on life can have the greatest end results in the future. 

When you think you have it bad, just remember there are people out there that may in fact have it worse than you. If this man can still remain positive after all he has been through, why can't you stay hopeful? Think about it. 


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