Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Rivalry of Biblical Proportions: Yankees vs. Red Sox

I am an avid baseball fan. Yankee Hater. Red Sox and Mets fan. But a Yankee Hater first. Nothing makes me happier when they lose, especially if I'm there to witness it. For the first time on Monday I was there to witness such a feat. Even though the Sox are hangin on by a thread for contention in the division and wild card, I had a damn good time. 

  A Local Northridgean can write his name in history as being part of historic rivalry.
(is that correct? is there a term for resident of Northridge? Northridger? Northridgite?)

<<< YMCA. A ballpark tradition. 

Our boy from the 'ridge got robbed by an intrusive fan. The ball was inches away from his glove.  >>>

It's times like these that I wished I had a telephoto lens.  

My beloved Sox went on to win 2-1 in classic nail-biter fashion. The Yankees very well could have taken the game into their hands on about 3-4 separate occasions but squandered all opportunities. 

Another chapter closed in the never-ending saga of the Yankees vs. Red Sox. 


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