Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Status Update.

Since the first post back on WordPress, I've been playing the waiting game. Just over a week ago I received the first sample t-shirt. So what's the verdict??

 I was mildly satisfied with the sample, there are some things that i would like to tweak a little prior to releasing.

The one thing i was satisfied with was the quality. One of the problems that plagued my first line of shirts, was the stiffness of the ink transfer paper. When you put the shirt on it wouldnt bend or flex in the normal fashion. Even worse is if you throw it in the dryer. It felt like some sort of a leathery, reptilian, scaly texture. So somewhere through the struggles i knew i had to find a solution. Compared to the old t-shirts, this new model is more comfortable and washer-machine ready(at least more so than the last ones.) 

One of the problems with the sample was how dark it printed. The original image from now on needs to be pre-adjusted for print. Which means adjusting brightness, lightness, contrast, hue, saturation and converting it from RGB to CMYK. The last setting is specifically for the printers benefit. It makes the colors of the original image duller, but it allows me to see what the printed shirt will probably end up looking like once i get it.

 For this specific shirt design, the logo came out a little dark against the background, so i outlined it in white for the actual release.  Here is an example of the original image, converted to CMYK, logo outlined in white, and all the other settings adjusted: 

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