Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Re-Post.

I figured I would re-post the first blog entry on the wordpress site. Just for those who didnt see it the first time and then do an update. 
"I’ve been waiting for this summer to start for such a long time. so its only fitting that I post this on the FIRST NIGHT of summer. Leading up to this point, I was preoccupied with… life. It prevented me from taking any new pics.. spreading the name around.. I did nothing with Tastes Like Gold in my second semester.

So this summer has been an entire year in the making. The summer that I finally put some capital, energy, elbow grease, whatever you want to call it, into Tastes Like Gold. It’s the perfect time to do anything.

My first plan of action.. find an affordable T-shirt printing website, I found more than I bargained for. also supplies a very intuitive online shop option that allows the seller to make money off his/her designs. I said “Why Not?”

My second plan of action… create a sample t-shirt. As some of my close friends know, I was making my own designs in my dorm room for about a year. I did all the Ironing. all the printing… all the purchasing.. it was my own creation. Was I proud of it? yeah most definitely.. was it the best I could do.. no. This lead me to finding a higher quality option that would end up saving me money in the long-run. This sample t-shirt is on its way as we speak. the shipping is taking forever (heads up to future customers, it’s a bit of an extended wait period unfortunately :/)  Simple putting it on a black tee, no?"

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