Saturday, July 31, 2010

NYC Subway Map *Circa 1990*

You never know how much you have, until you have to throw it away. Over time we accumulate so much, garbage, trash, basura, however you want to say it... and for what reason?? "Oh, I'll throw it out later" or the ever popular "You never know, I might need it" excuse. I have come to realize the latter is more of a way to justify this hoarding. (Psych 101) 

BUT! There are times when you come across things that are mementos; windows to the past. In the midst of this mid-summer apartment junk purge, my mom was about to throw out a 20 year old NYC Subway Map. Now to most, this map would be automatic trash. To me, this is a new poster for my wall. 

No more 9, H, W lines. It used to be $1.15 to ride in 1990. Now its $2.25. 

The maps and fare may have changed in the past 20 years, but one constant fact is that New Yorkers will always be in a rush to the next destination.


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