Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fakin' Fronts, Perpetratin', and Disingenuous Behavior: It's All About Hypocrisy.

Gangstarr knows the deal. "Take it Personal" is callin out all you suckas. 

I'm not a big fan of people who don't mean what they say. Now I don't mean when you make a mistake and say one thing that means another. I'm talking about hypocrisy. Preaching one thing and doing another. 

A lot of people wonder why the young generation is so jaded; so cynical. A certain percentage are that way because it's a growing trend and the popular thing to do. Those who are actually jaded, are that way because of all those lying "righteous politicians", the religious leaders who lie, cheat, steal, and do immoral things, businessman who steal our investments and retirement funds, musicians who sell their soul to be mainstream successes, misleading infomercials, home equity loans, star athletes on steroids, and the startling uncertainty of the American dream. 

Hypocrites in high places may be unaware of their powerful influence, but it truly is remarkable how much proverbial stock we purchase in influential people. One false move and you really can break a person's heart and through that disappointment it can possibly shape a person's life. 

So as a result maybe if people kept their integrity, we'd be better off. More people would vote, trust in big corporations, safely believe in their local religious establishment, have access to more quality music, not waste  money on stupid diet plans and Jack LaLanne Power Juicers, believe in our favorite athletes and quite possibly believe in the American Dream. 

Or not. 

The choice is yours. 

The object is to enjoy life. Not leech from the very existence of the human race. 


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  1. I was finally able to catch up on your posts and I am very proud of your work. ~ Think About That