Friday, August 6, 2010

T.A.T. x Tastes Like Gold... An Early Afternoon Photoshoot. part 2.

Continuing from the last thought I had, T.A.T.'s brand "History Class" is defined as such " a formal account of a collection of people sharing a common natural phenomena". Think.About.That. It's deep, but that definition includes YOU, all of us. In my opinion, that common natural phenomenon is life as we know it. We all make impacts on history, some minute, some rather large, but we all influence the way this world spins. 

Following the shoot, Terrance and I headed out to lunch, a local favorite of mine. Ben's Pizza on Spring and Thompson in SoHo. Heaven-like slices are served here. No matter what, I always end up here, even when I'm not hungry. Tip: Get either the Fresh Mozzarella & Basil or the Fresh Tomatoes & Onion Sicilian Slices. Trust me on that. 

Throughout the day, we had an interesting, poignant conversation that ranged from the current state of Hip Hop to the Girls we remembered from High School. At the end of the day I wished I had a tape recorder to make note of the more quotable moments. 

The moment that resonated the most with me was his commentary on Hip-Hop and integrity. Terrance preached "Many people mistake movement for progress, a movement could in fact lead people in the wrong direction". I definitely agree, today people get caught up in the whole "mob" mentality philosophy. Sure you may have strength in numbers but what is the message? Many artists are guilty of forgetting their message or not having one. 

Terrance and I agree wholeheartedly on the integrity vs. fame issue. If we don't believe in someone or something we are not going to lend our names to that movement, person, etc. We're not in this for the paper chase unlike a lot of people are. "I'm not doing this to get rich, but if riches come with my work, that's fine." 

Overall, I am impressed with what T.A.T. has to offer. They're aren't a lot of dudes out there like him, especially from Yonkers. 

Stay Tuned for T.A.T. and "Think.About.That." 
After the photo shoot, T.A.T is officially part of the TLG Family. 




  1. Thank you for the support and honesty. It's rare to find someone with a passion such as yours. It was truly an honor to have that "Chill Session" with you. Thank you for adding me to the TLG family and know that you are a member of the History Class family as well. Every great story has a beginning. This was ours.

  2. No doubt! It had to start somewhere.

    Only more hot shit to come.


  3. Coolness. Totally love the library pics. Libraries are amongst my very favorite places in the world. Lovin the blog. Keep up the good work.

    love ya',
    Auntie L